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The opportunity to be aware of your life's blueprint, have a thorough explanation of the owner's manual for your soul, and finally, have the ability to know and understand what's going on with the energetic patterns in your life and take advantage of them!

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A Healer, a Sorcerer, and an Astrologer.​

Founder and CEO of Red Claw Conjure, Dominec J. Holmes, is my name.

Energy manipulation is among the many magickal techniques which I have studied. As a result of the combined power of astrology, intuition, healing abilities, and common sense, people's lives are transformed.

To remove curses, to bring about happiness, love and even prosperity, I am equipped with the knowledge and expertise that I have gained through my training and experience. My products also provide protection against psychic attacks.

To put it simply, "I employ Magick to get the job done without requiring you to participate or do any terrifying foolishness that causes you to feel uncomfortable or afraid."

If you're tired of going through the same, challenges and hardships, it is time to make a choice!

You have an opportunity now. Seize the moment. Seize the opportunity.

Use the Power of Astrology: by the planetary energy and by the things going on in your life, or you can be aware of these energies and use them to your advantage, plain and simple.

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