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Financial Experts of America offers customized accounting, Tax and Life Insurance services to ensure you reach your current and future financial goals.

What we offer:

1) Tax Prep

We provide income tax preparation and filing services for individuals and businesses - including individual, corporate, partnership, and non-profit tax returns.

2) Life Insurance

You want to provide your family with financial protection and peace of mind. We can help! Take our 5-Min Questionnaire!

3) Bookkeeping

By offering a broad-range of stellar-quality bookkeeping and accounting services, Financial Experts of America helps clients take the first step toward business transformation. Each of their services are customizable and tailor-fit to the specific industry and needs of the client. Book a FREE Consult!

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll & Benefits
  • Payroll & Benefits
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Month-End Close
  • Sales Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • W2s

4) Tax Resolution

Already in tax trouble? Wage garnishments, tax levies or liens on your mind? Relax, your initial consultation is FREE, our tax consultants will review your case. Book a FREE 15- min Consult!

5) Payroll

When small businesses set up payroll online for the first time or change payroll companies, complexity often arises. This process requires care and industry expertise to save time and avoid tax issues. We make the process faster and easier for small businesses, accounting professionals, and our payroll service provider partners. Book a FREE 15- min Consult!

"Lady finances Aka Trelles Williams is absolutely amazing with a side of fantastic. In a world of financial uncertainty. “Lady finance takes the impossible out of the meeting your financial goals, through business dos and Don’t s Throughout the year”.

While coaching, instructing and teaching all things finance. Trelles holds your hand every step of the way. Her level of five star service along with her team has me in a space where I don’t wanna make any money moves without her. As Side from wealth of knowledge and years of dedication to all things financially sound. Lady finance has an impeccable resume and Years under her belt and is needed in a time such as this.

Kudos to “Lady finance”for getting my businesses in order and helping my family to win!"

"I came to Lady Finance in February of 2021 and she assisted me with my taxes coaching me on how to properly structure my taxes and how important it is to not go exempt on my taxes because I will owe more also she assisted me with securing a PP long for my business and how to structure the money and how not to commingle the funds and how to structure my business properly not only am I a client of hers I am also a team member of hers now with life insurance and sharing with our community the importance of life insurance coverage and how to build wealth with life insurance as using a vehicle. Not only has she assisted me with structuring my personal taxes but my business taxes as well and how to build wealth for my family and leave a legacy. Thank you lady Finance for all that you do."

"Good morning Trelles! I just wanted to take out the time to let you know how very grateful I am for having met you last month. You may not realize it, but you are the woman I saw myself being as a little girl, that BOSS!!!! Just listening to your presentation at the retreat lit a fire under me. To top it off, I was then blessed to be able to attend your boot camp to get my business savvy in line! When I tell you that I could never put into words to express my gratitude, I mean that! I thank God for the favor connection! PLEASE, PLEASE keep doing what you are doing! There are little black girls everywhere looking at you as inspiration, even the little girl that lives inside women like me! 💜💖"

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